Commissions completed include: Land and Seascapes, Pet portraits, houses and buildings, using architectural accurate techniques.
Wedding, birthday, & anniversary occasions catered for.   Free consultation.  Work from photographs.

Canvas sizes used: 11×16″  16×23″ and 20×30″.  Bespoke POA.

Text: ‘Commission’ with your canvas size to 07792 295502 for your quote.

1. On receipt of the deposit the price is confirmed.
2. Deposits are non-refundable, unless the artist is unable to start the commission. If the client cancels the work, the deposit will not be refunded, but otherwise it will be treated as part payment of the price.
3. The invoice for the balance is issued as soon as the work is completed, before framing  The invoice will include any travel or delivery expenses, (45p + VAT) per mile, if applicable. Until the invoice is paid in full, the picture will remain with the artist, i.e. Christopher Langley.
4. If the balance due is not paid within 21 days interest will be payable on the amount outstanding from the date on which the invoice was presented until the date on which it is paid at the rate at 4% above Barclays Base Rate for the time being.
5. VAT is not charged is we are not VAT registered.
6. In the event of a client being unhappy with the likeness, the artist Christopher Langley, will meet with the client to identify the concern and work towards a satisfactory outcome.
7. In the case of posthumous portraits the judgement will be based on the likeness to the photograph, not to the memory of the client.
8. In the case of portraits being painted from photographs (e.g. young children), the judgement will be based on the likeness to the photograph and not to the child who may have changed in the interim.
9. All Copyright rests with the artist, Christopher Langley.
10. Photographs of any portraits of people will not used for marketing purposes, without the express permission of the client.

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