Art Commission Package: Deposit



Pay your deposit here to secure your order for a personal artwork.


Bronze: 11×16          Box canvas. £175 

Silver: 11×16″          Premium box canvas  £225   

Gold: 16×23″            Premium Box canvas £275  

Platinum: 20×30″   Premium Box canvas. £375   

Finished work ready to hang with COA.

For other sizes and framing options contact 07792 295502. 


Terms & Conditions:

  1. Deposit: (a) The commission is confirmed only upon receipt of a deposit, where the agreed price will be fixed. (b) The balance is due on acceptance of the completed commission to your satisfaction. (c) Deposits are non-refundable.
  2. Copyright: Rests with the artist, unless agreed otherwise.
  3. Progress: (a) An estimated time frame will be agreed on commission.  (b) Images of progress will be forwarded for feedback. (c) Up to three requests to amend the work in progress are permitted.  (d) Concerns will be urgently worked at to be resolved.
  4. Rejection: Our work is guaranteed.  The final fee is waived in the event of rejection, where the materials used will be recycled or destroyed.
  5. Supply:  (a) Where possible, the artist will deliver the finished work personally. (b) If impracticable, the work will be sent via a tracked service.   (c) The work will be hand signed with a Certificate of Authenticity.  Additional prints also will be hand signed.
  6. Agreement:  Receipt of deposit implies agreement to the above terms.


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