Award-winning Welsh artist Christopher Langley has been leaving his mark on the art world for over a decade. Hailing from Pontypridd and now residing in Newport, Langley’s journey into the realm of art began at an early age. “I have always had an interest in art,” he reminisces. “At school, I even had my own exhibition!”

After completing his education and securing a position as a broadcast engineer, Langley found himself drawn back to his true passion: art. In 2010, he made the bold decision to leave his full-time career behind, opening the door to a world of creativity. “It was a very creative period for me,” Langley recalls. “I had already created over twenty pieces of art by 2012.”

Seeking guidance in navigating the art business world, Langley turned to literature, finding inspiration in books like ‘I’d Rather be in my Studio!’. Armed with newfound knowledge, he launched his career as an artist, culminating in his first exhibition at Pontypridd Museum and Gallery in June 2012. The response was overwhelming – Langley sold seven pieces on the opening night alone.

Since then, Langley’s artwork has graced galleries and exhibitions across Britain, from Glasgow to Cardiff, Newport to London, and Edinburgh. Even during the Covid Lockdown, Langley’s work continued to captivate audiences, garnering attention from art enthusiasts on social media.

A recurring theme in Langley’s work is his depiction of iconic Welsh landmarks, such as The Newport Suspension Bridge, Castle Coch, and The Old Bridge at Pontypridd. “When I look at a subject, my aim is that the location is recognized,” Langley explains. “But the color combination, in addition to the concept, must be truly unique.”

Drawing inspiration from the rich tapestry of Welsh culture, Langley finds beauty in the people, towns, and landscapes of his homeland. “I believe these concepts are reflected in my work,” he says.

In 2024, Langley’s artwork can be found in numerous galleries and shops across Wales and beyond. From Cardiff’s A Welsh Secret and A Welsh Connection, Y Galeri Caerffili, Eurogallery and Gallery57 in Newport, to Tenby’s The Nook Crafts, and York’s Braithwaite Gallery, Langley’s vibrant creations continue to captivate audiences and evoke a sense of wonder.

As Langley’s artistic journey continues to unfold, one thing remains clear: his passion for art and his commitment to capturing the essence of Wales in every brushstroke. With each new creation, Langley invites viewers to join him on a journey of creativity and inspiration.

Artist Statement:

With a focus on color and concept, Langley strives to create truly unique interpretations of familiar subjects like the Newport Suspension Bridge and The Old Bridge at Pontypridd. He is inspired by the people, towns, and diverse landscapes of Wales, and this influence is evident in his work.

Artist Statement:

In my art, I aim to capture the essence of Wales and its iconic landmarks in a fresh and unique way. I believe that the location should be recognisable, but the colour combination and concept must be one-of-a-kind. My inspiration comes from the people, towns, and breathtaking landscapes of Wales, and I strive to reflect these concepts in my work. I hope that my pieces not only showcase the beauty of Wales, but also encourage others to appreciate the unique character of this special place.


During his time as a  committee member of the South Wales Art Society (SWAS) Langley is also artist in residence at several prestigious Welsh locations, such as The Celtic Manor and the David Lloyd Centre Cardiff, showcasing works and sharing his artistic vision with others. Through exhibitions, social media, workshops at schools and local news contributions, Langley connects with a wider audience and continue to evolve and grow as an artist. The ownership of my works by celebrities such as Sir Richard Branson and Mark Wright is a testament to the impact and significance of my work.  He is currently represented by three South Wales Galleries.



  • Lumen Prize International finalist 2013 & 14
  • National & International Collector Base.
  • Commission Specialist (Corporate & Private)
  • BBC Radio Wales, S4C TV and BBC On-line
  • National and International Exhibitions.
  • South Wales Argus Art Competition Judge.




  • 2024 Winter into Spring Exhibition Penarth Pavillion Gallery, Penarth 2nd February – 28 March 2024.
  • 2023 Winter Exhibition, A Welsh Secret, Cardiff, Nov 23 – Jan 24
  • 2022 Spring Exhibition Cwtch Gallery Newport March 2022 -April 2022
  • 2020:  Cwtch Gallery, Stow Hill Newport, The Spring Show. April 5th – May6th.
  • 2019 David Lloyd Centre Autumn Exhibition October 19-21st.
  • 2018 ‘Spring Show 18’ at Waterloo Tea, Wyndham Arcade, Cardiff March – May 2018
  • 2017 ‘Historic Cardiff Pub Series’, Insole Court, Llandaff Cardiff
  • 2016 ‘Winter Exhibition’, Terra Nova Cafe and Gallery, Roath Park Cardiff.
  • 2015 ‘Abstract Wales 2’: Futures Gallery, the Pierhead, Cardiff Bay.
  • 2014 ‘Winter Collection’ Jaspers Tearooms and Gallery, Cardiff.
  • 2013 ‘Autumn in 2013’ The Gate Gallery, Cardiff.
  • 2013 ‘Abstract Wales 1’ Oriel Gallery, the Senedd, Sponsored by Julie Morgan, AM.
  • 2012 ‘The Spring Show’ Pontypridd Museum and Gallery, Pontypridd


  • 2023 SWAS Winter Exhibition December 2023 -January 2024.
  • 2019 South Wales Art Society Summer Exhibition, Futures Gallery, The Pierhead, Cardiff.
  • 2018 Parallax Autumn Art Fair, London.
  • 2018 Autumn Exhibition, Create Gallery, Monmouth. Wales.
  • 2017 Mill Lane Arts Hub: First Joint Exhibition. Sponsored by Giovanni Restaurants.
  • 2016 The Bricklane Gallery, London. Oct 12th – 23rd.
  • 2016 SWAS Exhibition, Steak of the Art Gallery, Churchill Way, Cardiff.
  • 2015 SWAS Summer Exhibition, The Old Library Gallery, Cardiff.
  • 2014 Made in Roath Exhibition, SHO Gallery Cardiff,
  • 2014 SWAS Summer Show, the Pierhead Building Cardiff.
  • 2014 Pride Exhibition, Victoria Gallery, Glasgow.
  • 2014 Art for Addicts Exhibition, Imitate Gallery, London.
  • 2014 ‘Evolving Abstraction’ Exhibition, Agora Gallery, New York, USA.
  • 2014 Lumen Prize Top 50 Exhibition, FCA Building, London.
  • 2013 Made in Roath Exhibition, Gate Gallery, Cardiff.
  • 2013 Islington Arts Factory’s Summer Salon, London.
  • 2013 Lumen Digital Exhibition Pullman Gallery, New York, USA.
  • 2013 Lauderdale House Spring Exhibition, London.
  • 2012 Gallery 66 Collection, Gallery 66, Cardiff.
  • 2012 Summer Exhibition Victoria Fearn Gallery, Cardiff.
  • 2012 Off the Wall Gallery Abstract Exhibition, Cardiff.
  • 2012 Spring Exhibition The Gallery Stoke Newington, London.

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