For you? Or a special gift for the happy couple on their wedding/CP celebration; a birthday or an anniversary gift?  Preserve that special memory on canvas.  From only £175 for a 11×16″ canvas.  


The below images are of Gizmo, an example of work in progress. Adjustments can be made as the work progresses.

Gizmo – original photo.

Gizmo – outline sketch.

Gizmo colour wash



Gizmo – final painting





I work with you to bring your concept to life. Your budget will determine canvas size, frame media etc. Deposit on invoice, balance only payable on completion to your expectations!


Gizmo in frame

1.  An invoice confirming the commission is issued upon agreement of a quote.  

2.  On receipt of a deposit, the price is confirmed. No final balance is paid until all work is completed to the client’s satisfaction. 

3.  Deposits are non-refundable, unless the artist is unable to start the commission. 

4. Should the final invoice remain unpaid 14 days after completion, the commission will be considered unwanted and will be recycled. 

5.  In the case of family or pet portraits, the judgement of likeness will be based on the likeness to the photograph chosen. 

6. All Copyright rests with the artist, Christopher Langley unless agreed otherwise. 

7. Photographs of any portraits of people will not used for marketing purposes, without the express permission of the client.

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