Collectors’ Comments:

“Hi Chris, my painting has just arrived and Wow! I am speechless it’s absolutely beautiful and I am delighted with everything about it!”  D.Lermi, Swansea.

“I like how you’ve captured the spirit of Tenby. It’s original and I like that.” Amanda Cook, Swansea.

“I love how you make our beautiful landmarks look special in your unique almost art deco yet futuristic way , it makes me feel emotional because you manage to get the feel of the places without your art being like landscape paintings.” Ceri-Ann Davies, Pontypridd.

“We have a lot of Harry Holland’s here and Gwilym Prichard and his wife Claudia Williams so they (Langley’s paintings) will be in good company!  I love your work. My son loves his painting” Julie Hughes, Pontyclun RCT Wales.

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