Tredegar Town Clock in Moonlight


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The Tredegar town clock  seen here in a moonlight setting with coloured lights added. The tower stands in the middle of the ‘Tredegar Circle’,  is seventy-two feet high and is the focal point of the town, where residents are very proud of this 19th century icon.


The foundation is of masonry, on which is surmounted the cast-iron base which has four arms from each corner to a distance of sixty feet at a depth of five feet and six inches (152 mm) below ground level. The pillar is wholly composed of cast-iron, upon a square pediment which in turn, receives a rectangular plinth, and upon this stands a cylindrical column of smooth surface and symmetrical diameter, ornamented with suitable coping on which rests the clock surrounded with a weather vane. 


Canvas and giclee prints are available where the canvas are hand finished by the artist with highlighted acrylic and varnishes as a ‘master print’.  Ready to hang with COA.




A2 Framed Hi Def Master Print., A3 Framed Fine Canvas Print., Fine Paper Print 10×7'', Master Framed Hand-Finished Canvas. 80x60cm.

Giclee Print

10×8'' print on giclee papaer,